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I began painting in 1982 when I moved from Paris to Boston - a time of self-discovery in which painting became the key for opening the door to my creativity. Since then painting has been a path to access and share my inner landscapes.


My way of painting is dynamic, organic, and transformative. Spontaneity and spirituality are both core elements of my approach. Colors are my friends and they invite me to play and take risks. Through painting I access energy beyond my own. The images become like messengers from some other space and time; sometimes I think of these messengers as spiritual guidance, sometimes as some information from the cosmos.

Art like Nature offers me an unlimited source of meaning-making and resiliency. Nature has been a companion throughout my life and continues to be an insatiable source of inspiration and aspiration. One of my motivations in making art is to tune into and share the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. I often incorporate nature elements into the artwork, and the interaction of the paint with various natural elements guides my art-making and I delight in that dance.

Sophie Glikson-Cahen

Sophie Glikson-Cahen

More recently, I began offering art installations as a means to invite participation from the viewers. For example, my installation of paper birds invites people to imagine and share a written response to the following: what would the world feel like, if all the people would collaborate like birds flying in formation? This represents to me an ideal - that all is possible with imagination and synergy- we can be all for one; we can stand for each other’s dreams, reach toward the light, and fly higher when working together in synergy.


My artwork is semi-abstract and evocative. I work in a variety of mediums, including gouache, pastels, and mixed media. I have exhibited in New England, New York, France, and Puerto Rico. In 2006, I received an honorable mention from the juried exhibit and auction, “Gift of Art for Aids,” in Arlington, MA. My research interests include awakening consciousness and transformation through creativity. I believe that we impact our world with even the smallest action.

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