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Sophie Glikson Cahen’s artwork expresses beautiful inner landscapes of spiritual exploration. Her rich colors and organic compositions inspire contemplation. Her work gently invites the viewer to share in her journey and joy for life, and also welcomes interpretation. When I view her work, I often discover multiple layers of imagery, often evoking themes of emotion, relationships, and strength within.        


Jennifer Cheng DesAutels, EdM, Illustrator

I have long been captivated by the artistry and creativity of Sophie Glikson Cahen, whose work evokes a spiritual and ethereal response in me. Her palette is filled with vivid and vibrant colors that interplay with found objects, a leaf, a butterfly, her pieces a testament to a deep and abiding love of the natural world. Each work is both mystical and familiar, non-objective imagery that appears emotionally charged with personal meaning. Sophie explores mixed media applications in her art, utilizing sculptural, collage and watercolor techniques. The installations are an interactive and empowering experience. She calls on each individual to respond to her invitation to express a thought, an idea, an opinion. The result has been a collective synergy flowing through the participants. This is art at its highest calling, to deeply involve the observer, and ultimately transform the observer into being a participant. 

Steve Travis, Artist and Woodworker


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