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The Heart Installation was originally developed in collaboration with Marina Strauss for the 2015 Studio Without Walls exhibit in Brookline, MA.  Viewers were invited to connect to experiences of joy in their life and to share their heart song by writing on the materials in the installation.  

Since then, the Heart Installation has been installed for varied purposes and sites, including the 2015 Northeast Focusing Therapy Conference in Connecticut, as well as a community garden as part of the Chelsea Art Walk. More recently, the Heart Installation was in residence at the Cambridge Ellis School, where it complemented a workshop that asked: “With support and collaboration in our hearts, what’s possible?  What are you inspired to bring to work?”

Sophie’s workshop helped us reflect on our practices as early childhood educators, with a focus on how we create conditions for working collaboratively.

Her art installation "With Support and Collaboration, What Can You Bring To Work?" inspired us to ask our students “What do teachers help you with?” and to then place the children’s responses next to Sophie’s Heart Installation.

These evocative statements and the rainbow colors of the art installation greeted parents, teachers and students as they entered the school grounds.


Gerlinde Hossain-Endl, Cambridge-Ellis School Director

Right: Soundfile Interview


Marina Strauss and Sophie Glikson discuss creative process in an interview with Serge Prengel

Below: Video Conversation

Interview about the creative process for this project at

This installation can be made available and installed for your organization with modifications that emphasize goals to inspire your team. Please contact me to discuss details.


An accompanying workshop that meets your needs can also be developed. This model, coupling an art installation with a workshop, activates inspiration that creates an environment for change around a variety of themes. Examples include the following:

  • The Art of Collaboration

  • The Power of Mistakes

  • Embrace Creativity to Energize Goals and Create a Vision

  • Relationship Quality

  • Work Performance

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