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Sophie’s spirited character leads her to strive for a life in harmony with her intuitive nature. She was born and raised in France, where her uncle asked her what she wanted to do as an adult. When she responded, “I want to be happy,” her uncle replied that happiness was not a profession. However, Sophie knew in her heart and soul that happiness was her true home and that a state of happiness is fundamental to keeping alive. This intuitive knowing sparked her on her professional journey, in which happiness became the heart of her work. 


It is with much gratitude to inspiring teachers--such as her grandmother Marcelle Christensen, Thich Naht Hanh, Paolo Knill, Norma Canner, and many more--that she deepened her understanding of the roots of happiness and ways to cultivate it.

As a teen in crisis, Sophie was profoundly moved when a family friend, who was a psychologist, showed her understanding. This inspired her to attend the Sorbonne University in Paris and Censier-Jussieu, where she completed her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. During her clinical internship she noticed patients coming alive when working creatively with music. This experience led her to move to Boston in 1982 to study expressive arts therapy at Lesley University, where the training deepened Sophie’s understanding of the therapeutic power of the arts. As a practicing artist, she continues to explore the wellspring of possibilities that creativity can offer.


Sophie holds the creative process in high esteem because of its ability to give hope and courage. She teaches us that tapping into our creative intelligence can help us access pathways to make positive changes for our well-being, as well as for the well-being of others and our planet. By opening pathways to our creative intelligence, we can have unlimited access to this incredible resource, which helps us live with authenticity, consciousness, and happiness.

Our intuitive intelligence often allows us to be closer to our essence, closer to the gift that we each have inside of us, and this helps us bring our gifts into the world.

Sophie has experienced first-hand how creativity is a valuable way to transform us into better beings. Please enjoy her stories for more.


Sophie offers life coaching and expressive arts therapy.  In her coaching practice, Sophie welcomes anyone who is interested in accessing their creative intelligence to address professional and personal goals. Sophie happily shares tools that create pathways toward our internal wealth of creativity, which

can be available to all. Because of her passion for the transformational power of the creative process, Sophie spent 16 years teaching Expressive Therapies in Lesley’s Graduate School. Since 1989, she also provides expressive arts therapy and supervision.


Master of Arts in Expressive Therapy

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA; May 1984

Advanced Master Degree in Clinical Psychology

Université de Jussieu, Paris VII, France; September 1981

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Université La Sorbonne, Paris V, France; May 1979

  • LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts

  • FOT, Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist

  • CET, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist

  • “Director I” qualified, by OCCS, Office for Child Care Services


Creative Pathways, Medford, MA and online


  • Life Coach and Artist

  • Psychotherapist

  • Clinical Supervisor

  • Consultant

Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

1992 –2011

  • Expressive Arts Therapy Adjunct Faculty

  • Clinical Instructor and LMHC Supervisor

Gilday Early Education Center, Roxbury, MA

1986-1993 and 1998-2000

  • Assistant Program Director

  • Infants and Toddlers Therapeutic Teacher

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