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Sophie Glikson Cahen’s unique approach to the creative process has helped me immensely in my work as a musician, writer and composer. Sophie coaches with compassion and wisdom. I especially benefitted from her teaching on how to work with blocks, inspiration, and the tension between these two states of the creative mind.


Ellen Watters Sullivan, LICSW

Sophie has a very open and creative spirit of the heart, and clearly brings this to her work as a creative coach. I worked with her for 6-8 months, and found her devotion to the work to be outstanding. She has a gentle, directive approach, which I found very helpful in my search for developing my creativity. She was very adept at asking exploratory questions, following my lead, and helping to direct me towards following my creative searching, in a practical, step-by-step manner! With Sophie as my guide,

I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and to work through some creative "blocks." She was always positive and encouraging, empathic and humorous, all of which helped me to feel and be more hopeful and expansive in allowing the emergence of my creative self. 

Peggy Langley, LMHC

Sophie illustrates, through personal coaching stories, her profound positive philosophy of our innate ability to flexibly move toward a healthier, happier life. Sophie sees boulders as opportunities for new gifts; and she sees slowing down as opportunities for being more efficient with our body and mind-intelligence together. If she can’t help you discover your next step through one medium, she has plenty more to use and will flow forward with her clients through all kinds of creative avenues until they are organically moving in the right direction to prosper the most. 

Dr. Wendi Maurer

Working with Sophie is inherently transformative. She offers a space of such depth and intuitive witnessing, insights blossom effortlessly and action is easefully inspired. Perhaps it is her own unique commitment to self-awareness, to the rigor of knowing oneself, or her years of compassionate listening and advising from the seat of a therapist, that give her this power of inspired change. But I am surely grateful for her transition to creative coach, so that her gifts can be accessible to anyone looking to enrich and empower their authentic and grounded expression in the world, as she has supported mine.  

Shea Adelson, Executive Coach

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