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​In 2014 I was invited to exhibit in Puerto Rico. Excited to have my first international show, I accepted without thinking about the difficulty of transporting framed artworks. My heart sank at the prospect of exhibiting without framed works, but this challenge opened new doors for me. I expanded my wings and imagined my first Bird Installation, named “Imagine.”


This participatory art exhibit consists of paper birds installed in the space, along with an invitation to respond to the following offer: “Imagine what the world would feel like to you, if all the people would collaborate like birds flying in formation.” Additional paper birds and pens are available for viewers to record their responses.

For me, the words of the prompt represent an ideal - that all is possible with imagination and synergy - that we can be all for one, and all in the one; we can stand by each other’s dreams, reach toward the light, and fly farther when working together in synergy.  


I have had the opportunity to offer the Imagine Installation in several cities and countries. Each time the viewers’ responses - inspiring, uplifting, heart-felt - warm my heart about the potential of humanity. 

Sophie took great care to fit her bird installation into the space of our yoga studio, so that it seemed that the birds lived there. By making us stop and think about community, this installation prompted us to think about how life might be different if we were all supporting one another’s dreams. 


Emile Amstutz, Borealis Owner and Yoga Instructor


Sophie’s installation of The Birds added creativity, depth and inspiration to our international psychotherapy conference, as we contemplated her important question: "what would it feel like to you, if all the people would work like birds flying in formation?" We came up with surprising answers, including "joyful cohesion," "a soaring symphony," "universal order and harmony” and “joyous expansion and connection.”  By stretching us to imagine such a world, hopefully we took a small step towards moving into it. 

Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D.


Art as Medicine

This installation can be made available and installed for your organization with modifications that emphasize goals to inspire your team. Please contact me to discuss details.


An accompanying workshop that meets your needs can also be developed. This model, coupling an art installation with a workshop, activates inspiration that creates an environment for change around a variety of themes. Examples include the following:

  • The Art of Collaboration

  • The Power of Mistakes

  • Embrace Creativity to Energize Goals and Create a Vision

  • Relationship Quality

  • Work Performance

Arte como Medicina

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