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With Sophie as my guide, I  was able to step outside of my comfort zone and to work through some creative blocks. She was always positive and encouraging, empathic and humorous, all of which helped me to feel and be more hopeful and expansive in allowing the emergence of my creative self.

Peggy Langley, LMHC

Coaching provides guidance and support in dealing with challenges and transitions in self-development, relationships and career. I see coaching as an interactive exchange tailored to your goals, concerns and unique aspirations. In creative coaching, you are invited to tap into the potential of your creative intelligence. As a result, you will develop pathways to a wealth of intelligence for problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and more. 



  • Increase access to your creative potential.

  • Move through barriers and fear.

  • Increase vitality by transforming a dormant area of life.

  • Enliven a life-goal that has been forgotten or put aside because of other priorities.

  • Live with more integrity, in line with your fundamental nature.

  • Increase meaning and grace as you go through life transitions.

  • Move through challenges with increased self-understanding and self-compassion.

  • Improve life balance, increase positivity, and add self-care and play to your life.



In a coaching session, you are invited to participate in a conversation that might guide you to:

  • Identify your aspirations and achieve your goals.

  • Recognize your strengths and values.

  • Create pathways through obstacles.

  • Befriend internal critics.

  • Notice the transformative qualities of the present moment.

  • Actualize mindful self-leadership and leadership.

  • Be accountable for making positive changes.

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